My Friend Got ROASTED on Facebook For Posting This Meme

I have a friend who's in radio and he posted this on his morning show Facebook because he thought it was funny.

A lot of people agreed, but then the posts went took a dark turn. Here's some of the posts he got:

Leslie: I love this! I want to get one!

Alicia: I need one of these for the gym! I can't even workout without some annoying horn dog bothering me!

Ben: This is hysterical!

Sally: Oh my god! Anything to keep annoying bros away when I"m just out for a walk!

Then these:

Brian: Way to mock trans women. Not funny.

Shelly: This is disgraceful. Way to have a good laugh at non-cis-gender's expense. Would you make fun of blind people too?

Ashley: Good point Shelly. Maybe your next post should be about how funny rape is.

Sadie: Oh my god, get over it. I'm a trans woman and I think it's hysterical.

Shannon: I'm a woman and support LGBTQ and I'd like to point out that humor is still allowed in 2019. Lighten up.

What do you think? Comment below and let me know your thoughts.

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