What Does That Single Girl Look Like? Aubrey

Aubrey emailed the morning show to get our help figuring out why she's single. Here's the email she sent and five reasons she thinks that she can't find "Mr. Right". If you ever want to figure out why you're single, email us, RyanShow@KDWB.com

To the Dave Ryan Morning Show Crew:

Hi, my name is Aubrey and I’m 29 years old. I need your help. Why am I still single ? I’ve been on countless dating sites, bad date after bad date. I’m tempted to write a book about all the horror stories I’ve gone through. 

I have no problem meeting men, I live downtown, I’m very active and do everything with my 4 year old Australian Shepherd mix. But yet, I tend to attract all the wrong guys. 

I’m a former D2/semi pro basketball player, who still plays basketball in a men’s league, I play coed volleyball and softball, I love working out and just recently lost 50 pounds on the keto diet.

I’m a tall, tattoo covered blonde and I have a good job, great apartment downtown and have a lot of great hobbies and passions. I know I may intimidate most men, but I don’t understand why it’s taking me so long to find a decent guy.

Can you help and tell me why I’m still single? I’m exhausted of going on dates, and I know I’m not going to meet my future husband out downtown. 

Thanks !!!!!!


Five Reasons I Think I'm Single

·I think I’m single because I intimidate men. I play basketball in a men’s league once a week, and hold my own playing.

·I think men are intimidated that I can hoop and keep up with them in sports.

·I also have a lot of tattoos and my own style, which I think intimidates guys or makes me seem unapproachable. I also think for whatever reason I tend to attract the wrong men... the liars, users and cheaters. Whether it’s online or guys I meet out at the bar, they tend to all be the same.

·I had an unstable relationship with my real father growing up, which also has played into factor.

·I think I’ve given up, and stopped putting as much effort and looking which has made it even harder to find a decent guy. I’m pretty independent, and prefer being alone but I’d rather not be alone the rest of my life.

Aubrey also shared some of the text conversations she's had with guys that she's met online, these help paint a picture as to what she's up against.

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