This Is The Behavior Parents SHOULD Worry About

I'm at the end of my phase of raising kids. Carson is 18 and my other kids are grown so what's done is done. But I know how it is when you're raising kids; you worry about whether they're eating okay, or if it's okay to keep them out late for special events like KDWB's Jingle Ball.

Or more serious things like, "Are they kind or are they cruel?" or "Do they have enough friends?"

Some of these things we actually don't have to worry about. Like whether they're eating right. I mean, sure, you want them to eat their veggies and learn to eat food besides just Trix and donuts, but if they're healthy and happy, they're probably okay.

Check out this article from It'll put your mind at ease on a lot of stuff, and let you know what really is worth worrying about.

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