Win $1000 in Dave's Dollar Bill Game!

Wanna win $1000? It's as simple as finding one of ten $1 bills I spent in the Twin Cities last weekend. I spent them in pretty much every corner of town so they could be anywhere now.

Check the dollar bills in your pocket or your wallet. Ask your friends if they have them. Ask for your change in ones at Caribou and Target.

Find one of these dollar bills, email me a picture of the winning bill immediately at and if you're the first that can show me you have one of these dollar bills, I'll give you $1000 cash. (See the rules below)

The deadline is Friday, May 31 at 11:59pm. If we don't have a winner by then, we'll try again very soon with 10 other dollar bills.

Here are the serial numbers you're looking for:











Do you have any? Can you find any? Remember, you have to take a picture of the winning bill, cleary showing the serial number and email me at

Here are the rest of the rules:


-If no winning dollar bills is found and no winner is identified by Friday, June 7 at 11:59pm, this contest is over. No dollar bill will be accepted as a winner after June 7, 2019 at 11:59pm and no money will be awarded for any winning dollar bill found after that date and time.

-A winning dollar bill is the genuine US Mint issued one-dollar bill with a serial number exactly matching one of the ten serial numbers above.

-The winner will receive $1000 cash.

-If you find a winning dollar bill matching any of these serial numbers, immediately contact Dave Ryan at and attach a clear picture of the winning dollar bill you have found. The first email Dave receives will be the first one checked for eligibility as a winner. You will then be contacted to arrange a time to bring your winning bill to the radio station.

-When one of the dollar bills is found and confirmed to be the correct dollar bill and is a winner, the game is over.

-Only the first dollar bill confirmed is the winner, not necessarily the first dollar bill found.

-To confirm a dollar bills is the correct one and thus a winner, it needs to be brought to the KDWB studios, Monday-Friday during business hours, no later than Tuesday, June 11, 2019.

-A winning dollar bill is the exact dollar bill we listed online and the serial numbers must match exactly. It must be a legal dollar bill of US issue; no duplicates or facsimiles of any kind.

-If two people present separate winning dollar bills at KDWB at the same time, KDWB will determine one winner with a random drawing or a coin flip.

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