Like Lizzo Now? You'll Love Her More When You Read This

It's funny that even though I'm not in her target demographic, I admire Lizzo. She's smart, she's kind, she's super-talented and she knew not to give up to early. (We hear "never give up" a whole lot in life, but one of life's most important skills to master is knowing when it really is time to give up, rather than plow ahead for years with something that will never come to fruition)

And she plays the flute! Hip hop with a flute? And she makes it work!

She also talks about what feminism meant a generation or two ago and what it means now. Some people are surprised to hear an older white guy like me wants to promote a better everything for women, but I point out that I have raised two very strong daughters and have promoted and mentored many women who have been on my show and have gone on to bigger and better things. So I love what she's saying here.

PLUS, she's gonna be at Star Party! Get to know more about Lizzo here.

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