Jenny's Memorial Weekend in Six Pics

First off, Happy Memorial Day. Just want to say thank you to everyone who has given their life to serve, who is currently serving, and who has served.

Alright, I do love a long weekend, except I packed mine with a few too many things. Friday was pretty low key. Caught up with a girlfriend and had a fire.

I got out to run and rollerblade around the lakes in Uptown a couple times. Love seeing all the blooming trees and flowers!

Hit a pool party Saturday afternoon.

My friends were doing their monthly bikes and brews but I wasn't really feeling it on Saturday so I just met up at Headflyer for a quick drink and to say hi to everyone.

I did Soundset Sunday. It was a lot of fun. Run the Jewels was my favorite! Lil Wayne actually showed up and was much more entertaining than I was expecting.

Monday I'll be honest, I was pretty happy it rained all day because it gave me an excuse to be very lazy. I did meet up with my girlfriend Tiffany and she gave me this belated bday present. Press the button and you get to hear a bunch of different "Okurrrrs". She always gives the best presents. Love ya Tiff!

Thanks for checking out my blog. Hope you had a great weekend!

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