Show Me Your Retro KDWB Pictures!

Somewhere in a drawer, you probably have a picture of you at a KDWB event. Or a picture of you in a KDWB shirt. Mail yours too me at and I'll post them in an upcoming blog!

Here are a few I got this week.

That's Simple Plan at KDWB's Star Party, probably about 2005.

This is Kelsey in her KDWB "Rockstar" shirt in about 2009, and that's her new puppy, "Honey."

This is Bridget and her friends trying to win BSB tickets in 1999.

Last Chance Summer Dance was an outdoor concert we did for a few years until about 2003. This was probably that same year.

And we had these shirts made up for the State Fair about 10 years ago.

Here's one taken in 1995 and sent to me by the girl on the far left who would be about 26 years old!

And this is from 1991. That kid would be pushing 40 by now!

Remember to send me your picture and tell me the story behind it!



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