Myths About Sex That Aren't True

There are a ton of random sex myths, and SO MANY of them are false. So a new survey asked men and women which ones are DEFINITELY wrong.

Here are five sex "facts" that are actually myths, according to men . .

1. Men think about sex every seven seconds. It's not that often.

2. Big hands or big feet mean you have big junk.

3. Oysters are an aphrodisiac.

4. Good sex has to be spontaneous.

5. Good sex needs to last a long time.

And here are five sex myths, according to women . . .

1. All women have a G-spot and know how to find it.

2. Size really matters.

3. Men like sex more than women.

4. Women stop self-pleasuring when they're in a relationship.

5. Good sex has to end in a climax. 

(The Sun)

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