My Latest Invention: The Stealth Phone Camera

We've all been there. You see a drunk girl at Applebee's wearing a hat that says "Kiss My Ass" and you want to take a picture but you don't want to be obvious.

Or a hot guy at the pool wearing almost nothing but you just know, if you hold your phone up to take a picture, he'll see you and you'll feel stupid.

Or, as in the example below, Web Girl Tina picking her nose. I want to take a picture to show Steve and Falen but what if she catches me?

So here's my invention. it's a swiveling lens on the top of your phone that lets you point your phone down, as if you're texting or swiping, when you're really taking a picture of something.

Here's my schematic. Screen side of phone:

Back side of phone:

See? You point the phone downward as if you're playing on it, then you roll the lens with your thumb until it points at the subject.

Here's how it works with Tina. Look how she's totally oblivious to the fact that I'm taking a picture of her!

The uses for this invention are endless! If you want to blackmail someone while they're telling an offensive joke, it's perfect. Want a video of your best friend's boyfriend hitting on another girl at Crave? This is your phone!

Well, one small problem is I haven't actually produced one of these, and chances are I never will. But if you ever see one out there, you're welcome!


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