Happy National Have a Coke Day!

Today is National Have a Coke Day, because it's the anniversary of the first day Coca-Cola went on sale at a pharmacy in Atlanta way back in 1886. 

A new survey found 1 in 9 Americans aren't necessarily talking about Coca-Cola when they say they "want a Coke."

Over 3,000 Americans were asked what word they normally use for a carbonated beverage and 11% use "Coke" as a GENERIC term for all soft drinks.

56% of us say "soda"

13% say "pop"

11% say "Coke"

8% say "soft drink"

5% say "soda pop"

2% say "fizzy drink."

What YOU say probably depends on where you grew up . . .

73% of people from the Northeast and 63% in the West say "soda" . . . while 41% in the Midwest say "pop," and just 39% say "soda."

The South is the one place where the term "Coke" is fairly popular. 52% of southerners say "soda," and 16% say "Coke." 

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