Man Arrested for Making a Homemade Dog Poop Bomb to Get Revenge on a Friend

There's a 48-year-old guy named Robb Stout in Portland, Oregon. And last month, he was mad at a friend for borrowing something and not returning it.

So Robb decided to get REVENGE . . . in the form of a DOG POOP BOMB.

He picked up a bunch of dog poop and stuffed it in a plastic toolbox. Then he used a battery, wiring, switches, and a car airbag to rig the bomb so that when his friend opened the toolbox, the poop would explode everywhere.

And it worked. The bomb went off and dog poop exploded all over the place.

Fortunately, the friend wasn't hurt. And Robb was arrested on a felony charge of unlawfully manufacturing a destructive device.

Plus when the cops searched his house, they found meth and a sawed-off shotgun, so Robb was charged for having both of those, too. 

(The Oregonian

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