Something I'm Really Proud Of...

Let's admit it, we all love to be recognized. We don't do what we do just to be recognized, but when your boss or your church or club you're in calls you out for doing something good, it feels nice.

Earlier this week, I was honored by Toastmasters, the speaking and leadership organization.

Last night, I went to a Boy Scout dinner. I had an inkling I might get an award but I had no idea I'd get TWO.

Here's the first one.

I was really happy to win this! I immediately proudly put the pin on my Scout shirt!

But later in the night, they were doing the bigger awards. I sat there listening to the stories of what these men and women in Scouting did to help out and it slowly dawned on me they were talking about me as they read this:

I was thinking, "No way!" But sure enough!

At first I didn't want to post this online, and while I am proud of these awards, I'm not doing it to brag. I'm doing it to help promote two things:

  1. Scouting. It's open to everyone now, boys and girls, and there's no other youth program that gives kids the adventure, leadership, service and character-building that Scouts does.
  2. To remind you how rewarding volunteering can be. I love Scouts, and they don't have to ask me to pitch in. Next time your kids' team needs a coach or their school needs a parent to go with them to Deep Portage or Valleyfair, go. You'll love it and your kid might not mention it now, but they'll remember it forever.


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