Listener Devon's Trip to LA for 'The Voice'

Ready to go

Devon won a trip to a live taping of NBC's The Voice a few weeks ago and she recently took the trip and shared some pictures from the experience. See what happened on her trip.

Hi Dave, Falen (and baby!), and Steve,

A few weeks ago I won an amazing trip from you to see a live performance of The Voice.

My wife and I arrived in LA on Sunday and had a fantastic time checking out the sights. On Monday we had the most amazing pancakes (seriously, attaching a picture!) and then got ready for The Voice. We went to Universal Studios for the show and they took us down to Stage 12. Kelly’s g-wagon was parked right outside! We got seated and there was a couple taped segments they filmed. Then the live show started and we got to see all 24 performers sing. We were seated in the section just behind the coaches so we also got to see them dancing and chit chatting with each other. So close but yet so far. But we did do a lot of yelling “I love you Kelly” and “We love you Adam!” Our 3 year old is obsessed with Maroon 5 and has renamed all their songs based on what the video looks like in YouTube 🤣😂

Today we are relaxing and checking out a little more of LA before we come home tonight.

I can’t thank you enough for this cool opportunity - it was a once in a lifetime experience!! I hope you enjoy our pictures!

Thank you,


The Griddle Cafe
The Voice
Stage 12
Santa Monica Cafe

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