Tina's Weekend in Five-ish Photos 4/26 - 4/28



Friday 4/26 -

I came home from work at 4PM. I got into bed at roughly 4:30PM. I did not get out of bed.

Saturday 4/27 -

Saturday morning started with brunch with Falen at The Lynhall! We then tried to go for a walk but the wind was freezing and we gave up embarrassingly quick.

I then went to MOA with my friend Lauren for some last minute Europe shopping. It's been a hot minute since I've tried to go to the mall on a Saturday and it was a mistake. Too many people.

We decided that tequila was necessary.

Sunday 4/28 -

Sunday was actually a really busy day that I didn't take any pictures of. I woke up early to do makeup for a friend's family photo shoot. Then headed into work because lovelytheband did a Studio C performance.

I went home and started to pack for Europe before going to dinner with my parents.

Then the most important part of the weekend - THRONES.

This is (sort of) how Jenny & I watched the episode. IRL the lights were off and we were in the fetal position for the majority of the episode, before I stood up on the couch screaming at the top of my lungs.

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