Earth Day: What Steve-O Created in One Day!

A new survey for Earth Day found only 31% of us always recycle. The average American throws out five things a week that could be recycled instead. And our top excuses for not recycling include, "It's not convenient" and, "I'm too lazy." We on the Dave Ryan Show decided to use Earth Day as a way to track our impact on the Earth by saving everything we'd usually throw in the trash and instead put it in a garbage bag and then take a picture of it at the end of the day. Here's what I collected....

As you can tell I got a little bit of everything and I have to admit I threw away a few things just out of habit that SHOULD be in the picture but I think this is still a good representation. I use a pastic water bottle and tupperware for my lunch but as you can see waste from that was plastic silverware and the bones from the BBQ ribs I ate. We also had to run to target and while we keep the plastic bags and use them for things around the house of course there's a large recipet from Target. I think this collection is a pretty good representation of just how much waste is produced on a daily basis and makes me realize ONE thing I could do is bring my own silverware to work because while it doesn't seem like it would have an impact, over time it would make a big difference.



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