Steve-O's Weekend in Five Pics: Easter Doodle and A Night in St. Paul

The first highlight of my weekend has to be holding hands with Pikachu when he came to visit the radio station on Friday promoting his movie Detective Pikachu.

Our weekend started off with us going out in St. Paul which I have to admit that every time I do ANYTHING in St. Paul it's great! I just really like the vibe on that side of town. Kristy and I had dinner at Black Sheep Pizza and then went to the Fitzgerald to see Joey Diaz, a comic that's best known for being on the Joe Rogan podcast. Fitzgerald Theater is way smaller then I expected it to be but considering it opened 1910 it actually looks pretty amazing.

Saturday was spent doing a bunch of chores and moving plants from the little greenhouse that we have to little cups which I'm putting outside during the day and bringing in at night.

Charlie was the only one in our family that actually celebrated Easter so here's Charlie, wearing bunny ears before he attempted to eat the ears.

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