Dave's Weekend in Five Photos: Colorado Trip

Hope you had a great weekend! I wasn't here but I heard the weather was amazing so I hope you got out to enjoy it!

Carson and I were in Colorado and had a great time. Here's our trip in five pictures!

My son Chase lives in Colorado Springs so we met up with him and went to lunch then went to one of the most-underappreciated attractions in Colorado Springs. It's called The Will Roger's Shrine of the Sun and it's amazing. The views are spectacular and better than the view from the top of Pikes Peak, but not many people have heard of it. If you go to Colorado, it's a must-do.

Friday night we went to the Colorado Rockies game in Denver.

I'm not a huge baseball fan but I have to say, this was the best baseball game I've ever been to! It went into extra innings, we were down by one run with a man on first, two outs and the count was 1-2. If the batter got a third strike, the game was over. But he hit a freakin' HOME RUN! We won by one run! The place went crazy! The funny thing was, half the crowd had gone home by then and missed it. We thought about leaving too, but I'm SO glad we stayed!

Saturday we went to an arcade. I gave Carson a hard time for playing this little kid's basketball game.

Ever since he was little, we've hidden Easter eggs around the house for him on Easter and this was the last year so we hid 18 eggs (cuz he's 18) I asked him if he minded me posting this picture and he said it was fine as long as I didn't put it on Instagram. What? Okay, whatever!

Thanks for looking at my blog! Have a great week!


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