34 Really Cool and Useful Things That Cost Less Than $10

Have you ever spent good money on some gadget that you thought you'd use all the time and never do? Maybe an air fryer? Or a massage chair?

A few years ago I bought a $200 back massager and used it about one time. I also bought a potato chipster that sliced potatoes into little chip-sized slices so I could make my own potato chips. Used it one. Juicer, used it for a month.

But some of these look pretty cool! And even if you only used it a few times, it's cheap!

Like these reusable snack bags. I already use my Zip-Locs at least twice but these are built to use multiple times.

This looks stupid but maybe you'd use it? It holds sauce packets in your car so you don't spill sauce. That's a real danger. My first ever brand new car had gray cloth seats and I had it only a few months when I spilled Hot Mustard sauce on the passenger seat and it never came out.

Everybody has a water bottle, probably more than one. But what about a leak-proof water bottle?

And let's face it, Everything bagels are the bomb. Here's a topping to make your own "Everything" at home.

Check out the entire Buzzfeed list here.

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