New Dating Terms You Should Know

There are tons of different dating terms and after Dave came up with one called “Pancaking" the Dave Ryan Show created a handful of new ones that maybe a perfect description of your dating experience.


Merry Go Round: Couple that needs to just break up for good because they’re consistently breaking up and then getting back together.

Tub-thumping: Trying to hook up with a guy and his member goes limp due to drink or something but then “he gets up again” and you complete it.


Orbiting: You fall off with someone you like but they will occasionally show up on your Instagram.

The Last Call: The person at a wedding that you would use at a wedding or event


Zippoing: You keep trying to see if you and someone have a spark but you just can’t get a flame to ignite.


Insta D: When a guy sends a premature D pic

Dating Terms Submitted by People That Listen to the Show

Playing for an audience: When you're banging and your dog is watching or way too close

The Clipadoo. When the person you're with makes you carry their crap but don't necessarily have to be in charge of their crap.

Cat Swat. A cat swat is what you call a guy that is so cute, much like a cat, where you''re entrapped in their mesmerizing looks, but as soon as they open their mouth or hang around too long you just want to push them off of a building, much like a cat swats...well....anything off a table or ledge, because they are so annoying. Example: have you met Kevin? He''s such a cat swat!

Lobster Trapping - Leaving an item at a love interest’s house as an excuse to go back.

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