Tina's Weekend in Five-ish Photos 4/12- 4/14

Happy Game of Thrones Weekend!

...and what a weekend it was

Friday 4/12 -

Friday started off great. I went to an event at Allianz Field for the Ebbets x MNUFC collection with my friend Tom.

Then, Friday took a turn when I went to go meet up with Jenny and Intern John who was in town visiting. We went to Punch Bowl Social and Tina forgot to eat dinner... you think by age 27 I would have learned how to drink.

Saturday 4/13 -

As you can imagine, Saturday was rough.

Here is a photo of me at 9am, going to get McDonalds (plz sponsor me) & barely clinging to life.

After going back to bed until 1pm, I decided I wanted to watch the Lion King, but I accidentally slept through it, so I had to start it again.

Somehow I regained consciousness & I pulled myself together to go out and meet up with workplace proximity associates Saturday night.

Sunday 4/14 -

Sunday was about one thing and one thing only. THRONES. I watch with a group of friends and we had a full feast and spent the better part of the day re-watching season 7.

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