13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don't Do

I hope you can tell from my show that I'm a big supporter of women. I have hired more women than men during my life and I have really enjoyed seeing them go on to bigger and better things. (Meanwhile, I'm still here at the same job after 26 years...what's up with that???)


I know it's popular with some people to assume all men are sexist and don't to see women succeed. I once told someone, "I have two daughters, why would I want to keep them down?" Their response was, "That doesn't mean anything. Just because you have daughters doesn't mean you support women."

Someone else, a woman, jumped in and said, "You don't want Dave to be right. YOU want to prove Dave is sexist, even if the facts don't support it." I stood there with my mouth open thinking, "Um yeah...what she said!"

I sincerely hope that men and women get something out of our show and grow from some of the things you hear us talk about. I Like this article from Psychology Today. Here's a sampling:

1. They Don't Compare Themselves With Other People

Whether you're looking at Instagram photos of a celebrity's vacation, or you're hearing your friend talk about her latest raise, comparing yourself with others is tempting. But every minute you spend comparing your life with someone else's life is 60 seconds you aren't focusing on your goals.

2. They Don't Insist on Perfection

Perfectionism has a cruel ironic twist; it will cause you to experience such high levels of stress that your performance will actually become impaired. Establish high expectations for yourself, but don't set the bar impossibly high.

3. They Don't See Vulnerability as a Weakness

Your game face definitely serves a purpose—it shows people you're serious. But asking for help, acknowledging your weaknesses, and admitting you don't have all the answers aren't signs of weakness.

Here's a link to the entire article.


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