Tina's Weekend in Five-ish Photos 4/5 - 4/7

Oh what a weekend it was.

I'm never going to a show in GA again.

Friday 4/5 -

Friday started great & ended in disaster.

I went to see Judah and the Lion & The Chainsmokers at the Armory as part of the March Madness Music Series.

Judah was excellent.

I was having such a great time - just look at me!!

...and then tragedy struck. I felt in my pocket and my keys were gone. I had only brought my house key, but it was nowhere to be found. We even stayed after the show to look for it, but nothing.

To make life even more fun, my two friends had left all their stuff at my house and my roommate is out of town... I ended up messaging her little sister, Uber to her parents house to get her key.

What. A. Night.

Saturday 4/6 -

I had to say goodbye to the pups Saturday. I'll miss their little faces, but I wont miss driving back to Apple Valley every day.

Saturday was Falen's birthday!! We went to dinner at Burch to celebrate!

Then it was time for concert 2 of the weekend - THE JONAS BROTHERS

This is my friend Taylor, it was also her birthday. We've been big Jo Bro fans since the beginning.

Sometime during the show I looked over and saw someone who looked a lot like the Prez, Dave Portnoy. Real talk, for a hot minute I didn't think it was him because he was so much shorter than I thought he would be. He was with this hot blonde and as I was walking up to him to ask for a picture, they basically started getting really touchy. SUPER awkward moment for me.

Did that stop me from interrupting them to ask for a photo?

Absolutely not.

Sunday 4/7 -

Sunday I went and got a new key made, went to the grocery store, meal prepped, went for a walk.

But the highlight of my day was definitely this -

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