Steve-O's Weekend in Five Pictures: Everything Final Four in Minneapolis

It doesn't happen every year that ten of thousands of people travel from around the country to come to your town to watch a championship...well, it happened last year...but it's still really cool. The NCAA Final Four was in town and while part of me thought I should stay away we went all in and checked it out. On Friday we went downtown to watch both Texas Tech and Michigan State practice and after realizing that it's just a bunch of guys practicing my kids were more interested in winning a free shirt.

I didn't have tickets for the game but I had friends in-town so and was supposed to go out to dinner for Falen's birthday so I ended up downtown before the game on Saturday. A cool moment was walking down Washington and suddenly hearing police sirens and looking up to see Michigan State driving down the road.

Sunday our family ended up going downtown to see the Tip Off Tailgate and then head over to fan fest at the Minneapolis Convention Center. I'll be completely honest, the Fan Fest event was not my favorite thing ever, it was just long line after long line. We also went and checked out all the events on Nicollet Mall and maybe the rain was the reason it was lame but it was.

Something that doesn't have anything to do with the final four, something that Kristy got at Chuck and Don's that she LOVES, the Mudbuster. It's a tube that you put water in, inside it there's these little plastic 'fingers" that help you to clean your dogs muddy paws. It's really cool.

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