Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 4/5 - 4/7

I was back in Wisconsin this weekend for my half marathon! Friday night I hung out at my sister's and caught this gorgeous sunset.

Saturday was the half marathon. I chose to do the Milwaukee one for the different scenery and it would be easier for my family to come see. I wrote a separate blog about my whole experience, you can read that here.

My mom, dad, and super pregnant older sister came to cheer me on. I'm very grateful to have such a supportive family. (Little sister had a trip planned before I signed up so that's why she wasn't there). At the end of the marathon, you get a free beer, which my dad is holding for me in this pic.

Afterwards we did brunch at The Wicked Hop. If you're ever in the Milwaukee area you should check it out!

I barely slept Friday night because of nerves and my body was obviously sore from running 13.1 miles so I went home and crashed Saturday afternoon. Saturday night my sister made a bon fire so I hung out with her and her husband and all the dogs.

Sunday was a long, rainy trek back to Minnesota. I'm sad I missed the Final Four weekend, but I'm happy I can now check half marathon off the bucket list! Hope you had a great weekend :)

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