Stop Doing These 8 Things if You Want to Save The Planet

I'm not a crazy environmentalist but I'm starting to lean more and more that way. There are so many little things we can do but too many of us just don't bother. I don't litter and I can never understand people who do. I use only one or two paper towels in a public restroom, or I use the hot air dryer. I don't grab a massive handful of napkins at restaurants. I recycle. I pick up other people's litter when I'm out for a walk.

Little things. Easy things.

Do you throw your clothes away? Donate them instead. Or sell them.

Do you leave the lights on when you leave a room? I have a neighbor who always has EVERY single room lit up in their house at night and only 3 people live there so I know they ain't in all those rooms! Does your office leave it's lights on all night?

Like I said, so many little things and if we all did them, they'd add up.

So quit bitching and moaning about Global Warming and do your part! Thank you!

Here's a link to the entire article.


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