Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 3/29 - 3/31

Friday night I worked at my serving job (yes I still work there occasionally). It was extremely busy so when I got done around midnight, I went home and crashed hard.

I woke up Saturday morning, updated my running playlist and then hit the trails to do one last long run before my half marathon next weekend. I had to do 12 miles. I did it and miraculously at a better pace than I thought, considering how windy it was. I ran all around Minneapolis and attempted to snap a couple quick photos without stopping my adrenaline.

One of my college best friends was in town from Denver so we got the old crew back together for dinner and drinks. We did dinner at Northeast Social. I had the Loaded Gnocchi, very good!

I had never been there before and we couldn't help but notice the interesting (creepy) artwork. I liked the vibe of it.

Afterwards we went to The Royal Foundry for a drink.

I cleaned, did laundry, worked on the show, and Netflixed on Sunday. Hope you had a good weekend! Fingers crossed next weekend will be warmer.

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