Ross & Rachel's Daughter "Emma" Is All Grown Up And Starring In 'Us'!

How did I miss this!?

If you're anything like me, you went to see Jordan Peele's new movie 'Us' last weekend as soon as it came out. While the movie is full or Easter eggs, metaphors & homages to the classic horror movies of the past, there was one more detail you might have missed.

Remember Ross and Rachel's daughter, Emma, from 'Friends'?

Emma was actuall played by 2 actresses, twins Noelle & Cali Sheldon.


Well, the girls are all grown up and starring in 'Us'!!

Seriously, how did I miss this???

The sister are now 16, but they're still in love with their TV mom (like the rest of us).

So anyways, I'm heading back to the theater to see this movie again.

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