Things that are different in Japan - Plus Photos!

Here are a few things I've noticed that are different in Japan:

-Everyone is so polite.

-There is no litter.

-People don’t blare music or talk loudly.

-You almost never hear sirens.

-There is usually no towels to dry your hands with in a public bathroom.

-Don’t ask for a bathroom when you mean toilet. They are two different things.

-When you accept something from someone, take it with both hands.

-You don’t see homeless people in town.

-When you go into someone’s house, you take off your shoes and put on slippers.

-There’s a different pair of slippers used only in the toilet.

-Store clerks, hotel employees, etc, will immediately stop what they are doing and help you, even if it means walking out of their shop to give you directions.

-When you pay, you put your payment on a little tray. You get your change back on the same little tray.

-There is no tipping.

-It’s very crowded.

-They sell hot and cold drinks out of vending machines and they are everywhere.

-Waiters don’t come back to your table to see if you need anything.

-Waiters don’t come back to you after you are finished eating to say thanks or goodbye.

-The driver is on the right side of the car and drives on the right side of the road.

-Most food tastes just a little like fish.

-Young people are obsessed with anime and manga. An entire section of downtown is devoted to it.

-Cab drivers wear white gloves.

-They build structures and powered plants on tall mountains.

-Men and boys don’t wear baseball caps.

-No one crosses the crosswalk if the light is red. 

-It’s rude to eat while walking. 

-Cabs have beautiful clean, white cloth seat covers. 

-About 1 in 5 people wear face masks in public, but no one has given me a good explanation why. 

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