Steve-O's Wknd in Five Day: National Puppy Day & We Had to Have 'The Talk"

I don't want to get too excited about the weather because I feel like it maybe a trap. It was a pretty great weekend and I spent a huge chunk of it doing things that I probably should have done awhile ago, including pick up dog poop.

We have two Golden Doodles, Charlie and Murray who have healthy diets and since the temps melted so much snow it meant I spent a lot of time picking up poo in the backyard.

Saturday was National Puppy Day here's pics of our boys and a pic of them from when we were out for a walk on Friday afternoon.

I'm sharing this picture or my wife, Kristy at our son Isaac's soccer practice. I had posted it on my Instagram and people commented that her hair was FIRE EMOJI and they also asked why she always seems to have a coat on. My answer is always the same, "She's Italian, she's always cold".

Another good picture from the weekend is of our daughter Olivia's Martin Luther King Jr. project for school. I think she did a really good job with it and she wanted me to share the picture.

Last but not least, I guess Olivia’s reached the age in school where they have the talk. Kids in her grade will be learning more about their bodies and no surprise, like most kids her age, when it comes to discussion about stuff above the knees and below the waist, she's embarrassed.

We wanted to talk with her about it so she can go into the day at school with a little knowledge and when I say WE I mean Kristy. She was able get a book at Target and when I posted a picture of it it on Instagram a ton of people responded saying that they too got that book as kids and love it.

When Kristy and I were getting prepared to have the talk with Olivia, she came upon this video that we THOUGHT would be helpful, it was not, but it is funny and quick and will help if you're at all nervous.

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