Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pictures: Leprechauns Destroyed Our House

Our weekend started off with parent teacher conference and then morphed into everything St. Patrick's Day. Takeaway from Parent Teacher was that our daughter does a great job at school but does a bad job handing in completed assignments. (Don't know where she gets that I'm also sharing this picture of the ice on the pine tree outside our house, luckily we haven't had any flooding at our house but some of the houses across the street have flooded front yards which has to suck.

Saturday we ended up going to our friend Kevin and Andee's house for their Saint Patrick's Day party which was a lot of fun because they actually served tons Irish food including of course corn beef and cabbage. The party was a lot of fun because there were plenty of kids there to run around, we went home afterwards. If you were wondering, yes, the picture of Kristy and I was staged but it only took us two attempts to get the perfect casual photo where it looks like we're just hanging out when someone catches us. We stayed at the party late, went home and went to bed but woke up to a MESS. In the middle of the night, Leprechauns broke into the house to make a mess and play some 'tricks' on us. .

They hung streamers around the kitchen, flipped pictures on the wall and so much more.

The dogs have been stuck inside so we ended up going outside to get some sun and take the dogs to the dog park.

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