Fixate on These Things? You May Have High-Functioning Anxiety

I don't know much about anxiety, except that we all suffer from it sometimes. Have a job interview? You get anxious. An important test? Of course you get anxious. But when you have anxiety that you channel by focusing on certain things, it can signal more than just your regular every day anxiety.

For example:

Being overly-anxious about your work. Your work life is largely out of your control. So fixating on yoursuccess at work, and perfecting office tasks, can be a natural thought pattern for people with high-functioning anxiety.

Or food choices:

High-functioning anxiety can lead to a fixation on certain food choices. In some cases, this can mean a dual diagnosis of anxiety and aneating disorder, but any kind of disordered eating, or thoughts about disordered eating, can be a cause for concern.

Read the entire, short but fascinating article here.

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