Felicity Huffman Tweets That Haven't Aged Well

I have been following the college entrance scandal with glee. When I see rich, spoiled, self-important people get busted so hard, it's almost comical. Don't get me wrong, rich people aren't inherently bad, in fact most are good people. Think Bill Gates, Oprah and Marky Mark.

But when some of the most arrogant and hypocritical Hollywood elite and their spoiled kids get exposed for what they really are, it just cracks me up.

Here are a few Tweets from accused felony conspirator Felicity Huffman that didn't age very well.

I will say, if any good comes out of this, it'll be initiating new ways to figure out who should get into college and giving more opportunity to people who might not be able to afford tutors, giant donations, etc.

Here's the entire Buzzfeed article.

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