Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: Bell Museum, Snow and Girl Scouts Visit KDWB

Started off the weekend visiting the Bell Museum, the natural history museum that used to be on the U of M campus but awhile back moved and is worth visiting some afternoon. We checked out the planetarium and after got our picture in front of this furry guy. Side note, if I started a butterfly collection, would people think I'm a serial killer?

Saturday we ran errands and got ready for the snow storm. It snowed a lot but luckily it was light snow, Kristy and I hung out and took a picture of ourselves after a couple drinks. At one point it was like the 1930's because we wanted to listen to something that had happened on the show last week and we were both sitting near the "audio device" in our house just like they did in the golden age of was romantic. LOL.

On Sunday gave my daughter, Olivia's Girl Scout troop of KDWB and the KDWB Skyroom. They earned Music merit badge and they loved seeing the Space Needle Studio.


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