Ten Celebs Who Stole An Item from the TV/Movie Set

It's not uncommon for actors to take a little something from movie and TV sets . . . either as a memento, or for some other purpose. These are the ten really interesting ones but there's a link to the complete list at the bottom.

1. Chris Hemsworth has several of Thor's hammers from the Marvel movies. He even keeps one in his bathroom.

2. Kristen Stewart took two rings from the"Twilight"movies: Bella's engagement ring, and a mood ring Bella's mom gave her.

3. Chris Pratt took Star-Lord's red jacket from"Guardians of the Galaxy". . . but he did it so he could wear it when he visits children's hospitals.

4. Daniel Radcliffe has his glasses from the first"Harry Potter"movie and the last.

5. Sophia Bush took the check that Millie wrote to Brooke when Clothes Over Bros first opened on"One Tree Hill".

6. Neil Patrick Harris took Barney's playbook from the set of"How I Met Your Mother". He also snagged the booth that the gang used to sit in at McLaren's Pub.

7. Aaron Paul stole Gus Fring's blown-off head from the set of"Breaking Bad". He keeps it in his living room.

8. Jenna Fischer from"The Office"took the hair clip Pam wore almost every day.

9. Ryan Reynolds took a"Deadpool"suit. And Andrew Garfield swiped his costume from"The Amazing Spider-Man 2".

10. Ralph Macchio took Daniel's headband and trophy from"The Karate Kid". . . and later got the infamous "wax on, wax off" car.

Check out other things actors stole from the set on buzzfeed.

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