Why Younger People Say "No Problem" and Not "You're Welcome"

So some old fart gets on Twitter and goes after millennials for saying "No problem" in response to "Thank you." He thinks the standard response should always be, "You're welcome."

Then a millennial goes after the old guy and says:

  1. Young people do nice things not because they feel they're doing a favor, but because they feel they should. So it's "no problem."
  2. It's a matter of language. Younger people may feel like "You're welcome" is a way of saying, "Damn right I did you a favor and thanks for acknowledging it."

This is what I think, not that you asked. Neither is right or wrong. What was right to the older generation was wrong to their parents. What's right to a 20-something might seem wrong to a 40-something, but it's not. It's just times changing.

Ever watch an old movie where kids call adults sir and ma'am? I'm sure there was an uproar in our society when kids stopped doing that. Kids in my scout troop usually call me "Dave" and I'm okay with that. I used to call adults "Mister" or "Mrs." but again, times change. What once was wrong is now okay, because it's not 1974 or even 2004 anymore.

Here's the article.

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