Murder Monday: Killing Madalyn O'Hair

The Most Hated Woman in America

Madelyn O'Hair, her son, Jon Murray, and her granddaughter, Robin suddenly disappear, was not initially viewed as strange by those close to the family.

A note was left at the American Atheist Center office, presumed to be from Murray, and friends and family assumed the group left to enjoy retirement overseas. There were other theories at the time as well, but Austin police, and atheist center officials, treated the situation as if the O'Hairs left on their own. What actually happened is straight out of a horror movie. Click to listen to Murder Monday on iHeartradio and you can also subscribe to the show for weekly updates on iTunes.

Madalyn's Murder case was also turned into a Netflix original movie.

You can find out more about her disappearance and murder here.

O'Hairs last Days, more about the story.

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