Dave's Weekend in Five Photos: Meeting Bob Saget, Carson Tours St. Thomas

Wait, the weekend is over already? Wow, that went fast! But honestly, the weeks fly by too, so I'm not complaining! I hope you had a good weekend too! Here is my weekend in five pictures!

This is Rick Lewis. He's a legendary radio personality in Denver. He's been at the same station for 28 years. I was in his building on Friday doing our morning show from there and he poked his head in my studio and invited me to be on his show. Why? Because he's heard of me and is familiar with my work. You could say we are both big fans of each other. So I came on his show and it was such a thrill that I had to take this picture.

While I there, I look over and he introduces me to "Bob." I totally wasn't expecting this and it took me a half-second to realize it was Bob Saget! Well, I had to get a picture with him! It's horrible of me, but I don't care because I really was as surprised as I look!

Josie is my buddy. Really, she is. We just love each other. And she turned 10 on Saturday, so I pulled out this ridiculous dog birthday hat, which she wasn't very enthusiastic about. Saturday night, I actually held her and told her what a good friend she's been and how much joy she's added to my life. We've gone camping and hiking and canoeing and running together countless times and she's always up for adventure. She's always there when things aren't going so well and I love her for that. Most of us don't write out how we really feel about our dogs until we lose them, then we post it on Facebook. I know she didn't have any idea what I was talking about, but it felt good to let her know how much she means to me.

Saturday, Carson went to tour St. Thomas, which we were really excited about because that's where Allison went and she absolutely loved it. If you know St. Thomas, you'll recognize this as the Welcome Arch.

This is Lily. Lily came to our Dog Meet Up at Paws Doggy Daycare on Sunday. It was so crowded and fun and we met a ton of great people and dogs! I know it looks like I'm forcing Lily into this pose, but she actually loved it and just sat on her butt like this and let me give her scratches.

That's it! Have a great week! Thanks for looking at my blog!


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