Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: Daddy Daughter Dance with Olivia

The Daddy Daughter dance with my nine year-old was definetly the highlight of my weekend because it's been a tradition for us the last 5 years and this year was the first time I really thought, "She's not a little girl anymore". Pictures from that below, for me, the weekend started on Saturday at the Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine Fit Fest at the U of M where I had a classic "Steve" moment. Falen had said to me, the girl instructing the class has the best butt I've ever seen, ten seconds later Leah the instructor introduces herself and I tell her what Falen said and she said it made her day. That's me, sharing the joy. Here's a picture of me with Leah from Alchemy 365 (and yes, she gave me permission to post a picture)

Snow was the story of the weekend again and Olivia asked me to share a picture of the awesome Igloo that she built in the front yard.

Olivia also came into my bedroom on Sunday morning and took of picture of me and Charlie who doesn't leave my bed until I get out of bed proving that he really is my best guy.

Easily the highlight of my weekend has to be the Daddy Daughter Dance Olivia and I went to over the weekend. When we started going I remember carrying her in and being able to throw her into the air during uptempo songs, this is no longer possible. Olivia is no longer the same little girl, she’s almost TEN YEARS OLD. I’ll say it, ‘what happened to my little girl’. It was a great night, she got her hair and nails done, we took a TON of selfies and danced a lot.

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