Dave's Weekend in Five Photos: Elton John and Snowblowing!

We keep hoping for a warmer weekend that'll let us maybe take the dogs for a walk or go snowboarding without freezing, but it's really not happening yet. But we had a great weekend doing indoor stuff. Let's get started on my weekend in five pictures!

Carson and I went to see Elton John on Friday night at Target Center. I've loved him since I was a kid and I have to say, seeing him perform his classics in person was kind of surreal. You may not remember when he was the coolest thing in music, but he was, and to see him in person, well, just kind of hard to fathom.

I like to think he was pointing right at me.

Honestly, I don't have five interesting pictures from the weekend. I was planning on going snowboarding at Afton on Sunday but the cold and wind makes it miserable to sit on a ski lift, so I stayed home. And without those snowboarding pictures to post, I'm falling back on this one. It's a new bird feeder with spicy seeds to keep deer and squirrels away. If you scoff at my bird feeding hobby, I totally understand.

This is a podcast I'm listening to about Elizabeth Holmes, who founded a company that was going to change the world of medicine. She claimed her company had invented a device that tested for many diseases and conditions with just a couple of drops of blood. She became the world's youngest female billionaire. Turns out though, she lied about everything. The device never worked. The podcast is good, not great, but the actual story is fascinating.

Was this you anytime this weekend? I did the neighbor's driveway and our driveway, but as soon as I did, the wind covered everything back up again, so I'll be out again later.

I hope you had a great weekend and an even better week!

Thanks for looking at my blog!


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