Let's Drink! Bad Weather Brewing for the Twin Cities on Wednesday

I don't know why but I was thinking that we were out of the woods, well, I was once again wrong so after stopping at the Liquor store on Tuesday I'm now ready for what's about to go down on Wednesday.

Per the National Weather Service, here's what we can predict.

Accumulating snow will move in from the southwest late tonight, reaching all areas by the morning commute. Heavy snow will continue much of the day before tapering off around the evening commute. Very difficult travel conditions are expected.

It looks like if you live Southeast of the the Twin Cities you're gonna get nailed and who knows if the predictions for tomorrow are 100% accurate so get ready for Wednesday to be a bit of a disaster. We may get lucky and the snow may start late enough where it won't prevent kids from going to school but at this point who knows, I'm pretty sure kids will be making up missed days of school until July.

What We'll Be Serving

Gin and Tonic

Beer from Castle Danger

AND the drink du jour.

Juicy Lucy

This drink is a bit different then the burger, it's a combination of vodka, gin, Blue Curacao liquor, orange juice, and Sprite this booze-heavy drink.

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