Steve-O's Weekend in Five Pics: From a Float Tank to a Frozen Duluth

It was a three day weekend for me that began with a trip down to Eagen on Friday where I got to do something really cool, I got to relax in a float tank at Totally Tan. A float tank is basically a heated salt water that you float in for an hour and relax. I actually really enjoyed the experience and even fell asleep for awhile and was had a somewhat out of body experience that was really cool. You can learn more about what exactly a float tank is right here.

The next big highlight for me for the weekend was heading north on Sunday with Kristy to spend the night in Duluth. We drove up Sunday afternoon and visited a few breweries and a couple stores where we found this GEM, a really cool commercial wine bottle opener.

Monday after staying the night in Duluth we drove up to Two Harbors for breakfast and then went up to Split Rock Lighthouse. I hadn't been there before and it's pretty cool, it was a lighthouse built in the early 1900's because the iron ore from the cliffs on that part of Lake Superior would screw up the compasses on ships causing them to crash.

After that we drove a little further north to this State Park that has a rock formation that splits off that Kristy loves and we ended up getting a really cool picture of that and a panorama of the lake that looked both brutally cold and beautiful at the exact same time. To see the panorama in all its glory check out my Twitter, I also got a picture that I can only describe as frozen bubbles which It actually isn't but that's what it looks like to me.

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