Jenny's President's Day Weekend in Five Pics

Alright, alright, alright. Hope you had a wonderful weekend whether you were lucky to have 3 days off or you worked all weekend. Here's what I did!

I used to read all the time but have barely read 4 books total in the last couple years, so I decided to pick up a book this weekend and start reading. I haven't gotten very far but so far, I really like it!

I've been struggling to follow my half marathon training schedule because I'm going crazy running on treadmills and it's either been snowing or too cold to run outside. But I told myself I would get 8 miles in on Saturday so I bundled up and ran around the lakes in Uptown.

Honestly my run was hard because the paths have not been well maintained, and running on uneven, snow-packed paths is obviously much harder than a flat path. If you know of areas in the Twin Cities with better paths or free indoor tracks, I am all ears! Message me on Insta or Tweet me :)

I haven't been going out much lately but I hit downtown Saturday night and did multiple dumb things. One, took a few grape ape shots. I do not do shots anymore but I gave into peer pressure from my friends. Two, dropped my phone in the toilet. It still works. Three, ordered a fancy Uber SUV for just me that cost 3 times the amount it should have. Sober Jenny wasn't too happy with Drunk Jenny Sunday morning, but Drunk Jenny did manage to get this picture from her night out...

And Sunday night I went out to eat at Pajarito in St Paul. I got the Arabes Tacos. The food was excellent and the vibe of the restaurant was wonderful. Highly recommend it!

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