Some Men Need To Go To The Bathroom Completely Nude...? WHAT!

Here’s something I didn’t know about (other guys / some of you guys): you need to poop naked. The New York Post has a story about a “growing number of men who say they need to remove all of their clothes before emptying their bowels in order to fully enjoy the experience.” The Post talked to one guy, Matt, so says he feels “more free and comfortable” when he poops naked — and takes it all off in the toilet at work, at his friends’ homes, and in public bathrooms.

… Matt says: “I carried on pooing naked from childhood because it’s natural to me. … When I take my clothes off I feel more free to do my business, like animals do. Now I always go full nude.”

… Another naked toilet user, a former truck driver, told the New York Post: “”Pooping is always an event for me. I lay sheets of toilet paper on the ground, take off all my clothes and balance each item on top of my shoes — then I do my business naked.” He even removed any jewelry and watches.

… Another guy explains that removing his clothes enables him to “have a wider stance and be in more of an ‘open’ position … I can’t poop unless my clothes are 100 percent out of my field of vision. It makes me feel uncomfortable, so I hide them out of site.”

This is just all too weird!

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