Dave's Weekend in Five Photos: Carson's Music School Audition in Colorado

I had an extra day off this weekend to go with Carson to audition for Berklee College of Music which is a world-famous music school in Boston, but his audition were in Denver. But before that I had a few other cool pictures to show you. Let's get started!

We did a survey for Best Local Pizza Place with people who listen to KDWB and Joey Nova's in Excelsior won. Friday I took the certificate over and presented it to Chef Gary. Congratulations! And be sure to try them out next time you're in Excelsior!

Carson loves visiting places that were on "Man vs Food" or "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" and he found this place that had bee on DD&D, Highland Tavern. It was good. Not crazy good. Crazy good is next!

THIS was crazy good! It's Denver Biscuit Company. Biscuit sandwiches, biscuits and gravy and so much more. This is a fried chicken breast, cheese, sausage gravy, bacon and an egg, all on a biscuit! It was amazing!

Monday morning, we got up early to ready for his audition. He hates it when I take candid pictures of him so I had to sneak this one of him with his practice pad in the hotel room.

And here he goes, into the audition! He says he did okay...Good parts and not-so-good parts. He won't find out for a few weeks whether he was accepted or not. But he's been accepted at some other GREAT schools, so either way, he'll be fine. He just has to make a very tough decision!

Thanks for looking at my blog! Have a great week!


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