Bebe Rexha Went on a Rant Because Crowd Didn't Sing Along to "Meant to Be"

Wow this is so bizarre. I completely understand wanting to see your success congratulated by thousands whilst on stage performing... but maybe the crowd just needed to be pumped up a little more? Maybe they were timid or nervous. I think she could've just said "hold up I want to hear you sing as loud as you can. Louderrrrr lets go!!"

Playing devils advocate:

Being in a radio I can see why she went on a rant. In the entertainment business you are constantly told "this isn't good enough. Why aren't you elevating your game. Why are you not attracting a crowd." So again, I can see why she is getting so defensive.

But this is not a good look. Stay humble. .. Full story:

BEBE REXHA stopped her performance at a pre-Grammy event last week so she could yell at the crowd for not singing along to "Meant to Be" , the song she does with FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE .

Somebody got it on video and it's about 50 seconds of ranting and swearing.

It picks up right after she stopped the music. She's strutting back and forth on the stage, and says, quote, "This song was Number One for 50 [ effing ] weeks. I work too [ effing ] hard for this [ B.S. ], okay?"

Then she sees her mom in the crowd and says, quote. "My mom's like, 'Please calm down. Please calm down.' I love you, Mom. I'm calming down. I'm calming down." 

Then it's back to yelling. She says, quote, "Call me whatever the [ eff ] you wanna call me. 'Cause I'm a girl? Yes. I'm a big [ B-word ] right now. Go ahead. You're going to sing the [ effing ] words if you know the [ effing ] song."

Finally, she asks the band to pick it back up, and she starts singing again. ( Too Fab )

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