Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pictures: Lasik, Snow Doodles and Ninjas

Snow and cold didn’t stop us from having a busy weekend. I got a Lasik touch up from Dr. Mark Lobanoff at North Suburban Eye Specialist on Friday. I had gotten something called Visian ICL seven years ago and on Friday it was time to get a tune up. 


After a bit of Valium for the nerves and a five minute procedure I was heading home for a killer nap but NOT before stopping at Raising Canes where enjoyed some chicken strips. I don't know what's better, the chicken strips or the bread. (Note the sweet post-surgery sunglasses) Thanks to my friend Kevin for the ride home, I'm pretty sure he only drove because I offered to by Raising Canes but I think that's a fair trade.

Saturday lots of running around and Isaac has a birthday party for a buddy at Ninja United in Maple Grove which is an American Ninja Warrior type course. His parents are also big fans of the Patriots so I was made me wear this. 

Sunday went to see Lego Movie 2 which if you saw Lego Movie then you'll like the second one just as much and after the snow finally stopped the Doodle were outside running around living their best lives. Here's a picture of the boys that Kristy captured.

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