Want to Come to this Brides Wedding? Give Her Money to "Secure" A Spot

These days we probably shouldn’t be shocked to hear stories of a demanding bride, but just when we think we’ve heard it all, another bridezilla reaches a new height of crazy. A woman has taken to to reveal her shock after her sister-in-law charged guests to hold a spot at their wedding. The woman said the RSVP section of the invitation featured a section for bank details so guests could pay the $233 to “secure (a) place at the wedding.” 

“We will be staying over with our child on the venue grounds for 2 nights so I understand what this money will probably go towards this but I just feel it's a bit 'off' and bad etiquette,” she writes. “When we got married, immediate family stayed at the venue which we paid for.” She added, “We will pay as we wouldn't want to miss it for the world but just wondered how others would feel about this?”

Well, the woman’s post was met with mixed reactions. Many felt the bride’s request was “rude,” and “bad manners,” although others noted having to pay for accommodations at a wedding shouldn’t be all that surprising. 

“That is the tackiest thing I have ever heard,” one person noted, although another added, “If it's to pay for your accommodation it's not unreasonable, as the venue will want deposits at least, to secure the rooms. Just because you would have paid for immediate family to stay, doesn't mean they can afford it, or want to spend the budget that way.” 

Fox News

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