Six Rules to Know for Dating a Single Dad

Dating a single dad is filled with a number of unique challenges so we asked for those with experiences to share what they learned so we can help those who might dating a single guy. Here's a list of things to remember that people sent to help.

When dating a man with children if they make no time for their but are very involved in you and your child or children that is a red flag.
Guys can say kids come first but they forget to add all the expectations they have for the woman who dates them. Ie: now your a babysitter, now your helping with school work, making appointments but you will get NO credit for it and if youhave an opinion you are reminded that their not your kids
People dating someone who his partner died need to be careful to not appear to the children as if you were trying to replace the parent that passed away. They should also make sure that the children know that it''s OK to talk about their here at around them and that it''s not going to make you feel uncomfortable talking about the past
One of the hard things about dating a single dad is the guilt he has for not seeing his kid is often. So he spoils the crap out of him when he does have him and doesn't discipline like he should because he doesn''t want to be the bad guy. It makes it hard because I don''t want to tell him how to parent, and he''s not my child.
You have to stay out of the middle of fights, plans, and problems. Let the parents figure it out and support the decision they have made.
Coming from a woman who dated a dad with two kids... notice how he treats the mother of his children... if it''s super nasty, get out. Chances are there''sa reason they Didn''t work and he''s part of the problem.. zero respect and it might not get better.

Here's seven more rules for dating a single guy you should remember.


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