I Celebrated My 6 Year Anniversary - Here's How I Got Outta The Friend Zone

Do you want to hear the entire story or a simplified version??? Maybe something in-between?

Okay. so.

Jenn and I met our junior year of high-school. Our last names are super close so we were seated next to each other in English class.

I was on the radio doing an internship as a ploy to get out of school early (if you took an internship you could leave at 12p) and this lead to our first conversation.

She whispered in my ear, "are you that kid on the radio??" "Yes," I replied. From there on out we became great friends. She was single, but I had a girlfriend... I left said girlfriend... but she got a boyfriend. When this occurred, i suddenly became the go to guy for her issues. Her boyfriend was a total tool and treated her poorly. I was always there for her. Never backed down or got offended over the fact that I was the friend who wanted to be with her but couldn't.

I eventually took an opportunity to host my own radio show... I moved about 500 miles away... and she realized she missed me... and i missed her... i missed hearing her problems and helping her through them... i missed knowing she was okay...

Soooo she eventually dropped her boyfriend, caught a flight to Green Bay, WI & the following caption took place:

Ever since that day we stayed together! Sooo i guess to get out of the friend-zone.. move. Let her or him go. If you both have the mutual feeling of "damn i miss them," then you should probably date.

That's my story. Thanks for reading about it. Okay. Love you, bye.

Oh snap! I forgot to tell you what we did this weekend. Okay real quick:

Got a hotel downtown

Went to a nice ass dinner

got buzzed

made more memories and laughed a bunch together.

Okay now i'm done for real!

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