Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pictures: It Was a Super Weekend, Here's What I Did

A little bit of everything happened over the weekend. I think we’re all still recovering from the surprise winter vacation from last week. Our weekend started with Kristy going to help pick up Girl Scout cookies which girls officially begin selling on Saturday.

I also helped kick off the 60 day fitness challenge at Life Time on Saturday, a fun challenge if you take it seriously to get back in the zone. It was good because I got to hear from some people who made some major transformations in their life and to hear how they used fitness to change not just their body but the voice inside their head was pretty cool.

Saturday night we went to our friend Brian’s to celebrate his 40th bday and a great bonus they cooked a Benihana style meal and bought a giant thing of Shrimp Sauce. After dinner the kids ended up outside on snowmobiles, this picture is taken just as Olivia is getting hit with a snowball by one of the boys.

Sunday it was more activities and trying to do stuff before the Super Bowl which we ended up watching at friends house. I thought the halftime show was okay, i feel it lacked anything over the top but my wife seemed to be a big fan of one part of the performance more then anything else. 

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